Saturday, November 12, 2011

ABC Easy As 123

This week we learned about family crises and how our family of origin have dealt with these crises in the past. 
The family process model helps us understand how families deal with crises. 
A - actual event
B - behavioral responses
C - cognition(s)
X - experience
(This is Brother Williams' version :) )

This week helped me to reflect on ways that my family dealt with crises over the years. There are times when we are better equipped to handle a crisis and other times when it an be more difficult. I really enjoyed the stories that Brother Williams shared in class this week. The story about his son who was shot in the eye with an arrow was a great example of a way that we can respond calmly in an unexpected crisis. Think of the consequences that could have come if he had not responded in the manner that he did. 

There's a really nice quote that I remember from Preach My Gospel that is a nice reminder to me of what important value to remember when we come upon trials:

"Life is full of difficulties, some
minor and others of a more
serious nature. There seems to
be an unending supply of
challenges for one and all. Our
problem is that we often expect
instantaneous solutions to such
challenges, forgetting that
frequently the heavenly virtue of
patience is required.”

Family crises are a learning process for everyone. Just as Brother Williams told us the story of his parents when they were first married and experienced the loss of a child....they were much better prepared and able to deal with the next loss of a child years later. They are learning experiences that in hopes will bring us together as a family unit and help us  to better understand how to deal with each crisis that we come across each time we experience one. 

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