Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I Learned This Week:

This week in Family Relations, we were asked to focus on a few readings to prepare for future assignments in the class.  I learned how a genogram works. One of our articles explained how to read a genogram and form one for when we eventually interview a family later this semester. It helped me to get a feel for what kind of questions I might ask as well when I am ready to interview them.
It also talked about rigid boundaries, permeable or clear boundaries, and poor or overly permeable boundaries.
Rigid boundaries are when a family isn't super open and "warm". They are very closed and it is common if their neighbors don't know much about their personal lives.
Permeable or clear boundaries are a healthy degree and quality exchange of information takes place. They are open to those around them.
Poor or overly permeable boundaries are when the boundaries are easily violated maybe due to lax rules and they are very open/overly-open and most likely unclear.
We also discussed in class the pros and cons of research. I feel like the comments in class helped me to understand how to better approach the whole idea of research topics. The dangers of research is that we don't always have accurate numbers due to:
How many people took the survey?
How truthful were people when they took the survey?
How accurate was the count? etc., etc., etc.
I'm excited for the things we'll learn next week!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a Little Snippet

It's another great day at BYU-Idaho!
My name is Malorie Autrey. As you can see, I attend Brigham Young University - Idaho. I love it up here. The atmosphere is amazing--which makes up for the lack of nice weather during the winter months. I am a Junior studying Marriage and Family Counseling. I can't wait to apply the things I am learning in my major. 
I am just the average college student. I love to socialize and make new friends (which sometimes can get in the way of my studies), but I am trying hard to find a balance here. I love the outdoors--hiking, rafting, fishing, camping, etc. I enjoy writing--it is my way of getting my thoughts and feelings out onto paper. 

I designed this blog originally for the purpose of posting thoughts online that people would be able to comment on, but for the next few months I will be using it for my Family Relations class instead. In this class we will be learning the importance of families in society, understanding ecological and systems theory (and how to apply them), recognize the impacts of social class--race, gender, cultural background, and family structure on family systems, examining the development of families, identifying the strengths and stresses of normal family functioning, understanding the current trends in marriage and family life, assuming responsibility for obtaining information pertinent to specific personal or professional situations, and evaluating existing personal knowledge about families (genograms). 

I am excited about the insights I will experience in this class through my learning experience and I am grateful that I get to share them through this blog.