Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose?

This week in class, we had several different discussions on the role of male and female....and later in the week, we talked about homosexual relations. I'll be completely honest; the topics of discussion this week were a little on the frustrating/confusing side for me. I'll tell you why.....first I'll start off with our role as men and women in this world:
1. I had a hard time with our discussion in class about the roles of men and women. Our society puts such heavy emphasis on the fact that women didn't have rights for such a long time, so now we have to "prove" ourselves in a sense and make it known to the world that we can do this, that, and the other just like the men can. Brother Williams and I chatted after class about this particular subject. Is it so hard for the world to understand these roles. I believe the reason for this is that there is lack of complete truth in their lives. We have the gospel, but even then it is my belief that we tend to confuse our roles. I know that when Heavenly Father created me, He gave me certain qualities and traits that my brothers wouldn't have. I know when I am married, there will be certain things that I will be better at than my husband. I'll most likely be the one that stays home and takes care of the kids' school lunches, changing diapers, taking care of household responsibilities, and above all: nurturing. And this is okay with me, because I know when it comes to other certain things, my husband will be able to take care of the "rough and tumble" responsibilities. Is it wrong of me to say this? I don't think so. When we have a testimony of our divine nature and what our role is here, we won't have fight the facts. It is what it is. And what it is, is what God intended it to be.
2. The other thing I struggled with this week was the whole homosexual discussion. I didn't have a hard time with the things we discussed, but I had this deep sorrow for the people that turn down that path. What a difficult trial it must be to not understand yourself and have the constant question: "Was I born that way?" Many homosexual tendencies come from molestation and harsh judgments from their peers (especially growing up). Many homosexuals, "don't know" because they never "experimented". However, it is a natural tendency for the human mind to respond to such experimentation's. When you are looking for some sort of "arousal",  you will most likely get it. I believe that a good percent (based entirely on opinion) of homosexual individuals are confused because the perceived things the wrong way. 
-->The other part of this that frustrated me is that for every person who turns down that path, that is how many children that will not have the opportunity to come down to this earth. Satan is winning with each person who takes a step in that direction. Think of the many souls that will not receive their opportunity to come experience this beautiful life and grow and learn and have wonderful day-to-day experiences. We have to fight back.

I feel like I've rambled a bit here, but these are my honest opinions on the subjects we covered this week. I did walk away with a greater appreciation for my own individual divine nature this week, and also a greater understanding and compassion toward homosexual individuals. There is much to be learned.

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